Power to Party
Throws a hearty party
Alliance(FFG)(on) Resolution(FFG)(on)
At the start of any regroup phase, you may throw such a wild party that it causes a Cosmic Quake. Give this flare to the Animal after use (or discard it, if the Animal isn't playing).
When you are not invited to ally by a main player, you may force that player to lose two ships instead of one.

Animal is an alien that lives to party, enriching itself and all winning allies with cards from the deck. Any squares who refuse to invite them along must lose a ship as punishment. Like a more amiable Grudge, the Animal will be highly active throughout the game as other players call for its aid; whether their camaraderie comes from greed or self-preservation, the Animal is just happy to hitch a ride.


As AnimalEdit

You're likely to be popular in the early game, when everyone is scrambling for an advantage and for extra cards. Once the Animal piggybacks onto a few colonies, though, the goodwill disappears. A single ship's loss is more annoying than debilitating - many aliens will take the minor injury if it means destroying you. Ally strategically; spread the cheer as evenly among your foes as possible, so that no one progresses faster than you do. Stub

Against AnimalEdit


Game TextEdit

EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power to Party. When you are not a main player, each time a main player fails to invite you to ally, use this power to force that player to lose a ship of his or her choice to the warp. As a main player or ally, if your side wins the encounter, use this power to throw a celebration party. Each player on the winning side, including you, may draw one card from the deck.A nomadic, carefree race, the Animals make it a point to never miss a rockin' party anywhere in the Cosmos – even if they have to throw it themselves while the planet's owners are away. More than one race of would-be Cosmic conquerors has returned from battle only to find their homeworld's ecology wrecked and a few hungover Animals dressed in stained togas clambering into their ships with a bleary, "Hey man, that's what you get for bogarting the planet."