Artifacts (previously Edicts) are cards that can be played at specific times to cause various effects. Artifact cards are discarded once their effects are used. Artifacts can be found in both the cosmic deck and the reward deck.

Below is a list of all artifact cards in the current edition of Cosmic Encounter and a brief description of their effects. For more on an artifact's specific effects and rules, see its page. For artifacts from previous editions that have yet to make it into the current edition, see here.

Base setEdit

Cosmic Incursion reward deckEdit

  • Hand Zap (As Any Player/Regroup): Forces any player to draw a new hand.
  • Finder (As Any Player/Any Phase): Search any player's hand for a named card.
  • Space Junk (As Any Player/Any Phase): Gives any player the top card of the discard pile.

Cosmic Dominion reward deckEdit

  • Omni-Zap (As Any Player/Any Phase): Play as any other Zap artifact, or to cancel any card. After use, send three of your ships to the warp or remove one of your ships from the game.
  • Rebirth (As Any Player/Regroup): Choose a player to regain any number of home colonies.
  • Ship Zap (As Any Player/Any Phase): Sends one ship from anywhere (including removed from the game) to the warp.
  • Solar Wind (As Any Player/Reveal): Reverses rewards for offensive and defensive allies.
  • Victory Boon (As Any Player/Resolution): Rewards the defense as if he or she were a defensive ally.
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