The Aura was added in the 3rd expansion by Eon Productions.


You have the power of honesty. All other players must keep their regular hand of cards face up, in full view. When a player is one of the two players in a challenge and must play a challenge card, he takes up his hand, selects a card to play, etc. Once the challenge is concluded, he must again reveal his hand. Edicts may be played directly from the revealed hand.

Wild Flare - You may shuffle, reverse, and fan the deck so all players see what cards are coming up next. All cards must be taken from the new top of the deck. The revealed deck stays face up until all its cards are gone.

Super Flare - Whenever a main player chooses not to invite you to ally, you may take his hand, play one of his challenge cards for him in that challenge, and return his cards. Players are still subject to powers, Edicts, and Flares.


Radiating its presence upon all who cross its path, an intelligent star instills openness and honesty wherever it shimmers. The vast power of the Aura cannot be resisted by other life forms as they open their hearts and minds to one another.


The Aura obviously has the issue that it basically destroys the Mind, and weakens many powers that rely on secretive or deceptive card play. It also greatly increases the effect of Artifact cards such as the Finder. Basically it has a huge effect on play, more than most powers, so should be used with care and the agreement of all participants.