Berserker is an alien with the power to Go Berserk.


This article or section uses Eon and Mayfair terminology: e.g., ships are "tokens" and colonies are "bases."

As the offensive player, you may challenge any and all players on a planet in the defender's system. You decide which of the attacked players will represent his side. Players under attack may not ally, but their attacked tokens count toward their side's totals. In addition, any time you play a  C , treat it as a 15.

Flare Edit

Wild: When a player is about to take consolation from you, you may pillage his hand by taking that many cards from him instead.

Super: After beating multiple opponents, you may challenge any other planet containing multiple colors at +10 to your Challenge Card. This is an extra challenge that does not count against your two per turn.


The Berserker has two unrelated powers, making him a little clunky. His ability to turn his Compromise cards into Attack 15s is interesting in that it both weakens and strengthens him in differenet ways. His ability to attack multiple targets in the defender's system is a little like a weaker Will. By attacking multiple races he can ensure that they can't ally with more tokens than they have on that planet, and of course he can target the weak.