You have the power of impatience.

When you are NOT the main alien in an encounter, you can throw a fit whenever you want.

Each fit moves the game to the next game state often causing default actions to replace a player action. When the game jumps ahead it will also skip certain element might have come next in the play sequence. This could include an alien power, an artifact, alliances, defensive rewards, compensation, etc. Be careful, a fit thrown in haste can have unintended consequences.


The Brats were spawned in an under populated world, where every baby was spoiled beyond imagination. Kept in a permanent state of infancy by the doting assemblages of quadruple parent-forms, the canny toddlers have long since honed the art of manipulation by tantrum to perfection. Gazing into the mirror and seeing only a little queen gazing back, they now turn a tear-reddened eye to the outer reaches of space, with nary a thought to the consequence of rash action.

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