Power to intimidate
selects losing ships
Bully (FFG)
As a main player, when your opponent reveals a negotiate card, you may force that player to either immediately give you a colony on a planet of your choice where he or she has a ship or else lose two ships of his or her choice to the warp. Cards changed to negotiate cards (such as by Emotion Control) still trigger this effect.
You may use your power on opposing allies.

Bully is an alien with the power to choose which ships the opponent will lose to the warp.


EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power to Intimidate. As a main player, after winning an encounter in which both players revealed attack cards, you may use this power to choose which ships your opponent must lose. Your opponent loses the same number of ships he or she had in the encounter, but you take them from anywhere. If you are the offense and leave any of your opponent's ships on the target planet, your ships coexist there with your opponent's unless another game effect prevents you from doing so, in which case you do not receive a colony and must return your ships to your other colonies. If you are the defense, any of your opponent's ships that you leave in the hyperspace gate return to his or her other colonies.Habitually cruel to those who show signs of weakness, the Bully exploits any opportunity to run roughshod over its opponents. The false courage that is the hallmark of the Bully strikes terror into the less aggressive races of the Universe, and many flee rather than risk a confrontation. If none stand in its way, the Bully seeks to trample its way to Cosmic dominance.