Butler is an alien with the power to Serve.

Power Edit

Butler performs all manual tasks for the offense according to his or her directions, such as drawing destiny, aiming the hyperspace gate, and launching ships, but must be given a tip of one card at random (or 1 or 2 Lucre in the Eon or Mayfair version, respectively) by the offense every encounter. If the offense doesn't tip Butler, then Butler may do either of the following after destiny has been drawn: aim the hyperspace gate at any planet of Butler's choice where a legal encounter can occur, or place the offense's ships on the gate from any of his colonies (although the exact number must still be specified by the offense). Butler must perform tasks mandated by the rules free of charge, such as dealing cards a player is entitled to. In addition, Butler must be courteous.

Flare Edit

Wild: As offense, say "After you, I insist" to cause another player to be offense for you; that player must invite you to ally and if he or she wins it counts as a win for you

Super: Tip must be two cards instead of one

Strategy Edit

Weakens opponents constantlyAnnoys other players

As Butler Edit

Butler is powerful in that it will continuously gain cards while other players will continuously lose them. Early on tips mean little as most players will have well-stocked foreign colonies, but over time other players will be spread more thinly and not tipping Butler becomes a huge risk. Butler can effectively stagnate players from getting too many colonies by pulling their foreign colonies into the encounter or by aiming the gate where a legal encounter can occur where the offense already posses a colony. Once players start tipping Butler, its hand will improve while opponents begin to lose strength.

Against Butler Edit

Playing against Butler is a balance between giving the Butler cards or giving up control of an encounter. As a general rule the early game is the best time to refuse to tip as the Butler cannot inflict severe damage early on, but as the game progresses the best strategy is weighing the usefulness of your hand against the loss of foreign colonies. Stocking colonies with more than one ship and sending only one into the encounter is an effective way to deter use of the Butler's power.