The Changeling was added in the notorious 3rd expansion by Eon Productions.


EditionPower TextHistory
CCYou have the power to Change Form. As a main player, after the defense is determined, use this power. Either draw a card from the deck and add it to your hand or swap alien powers with your opponent. This power may only be used once per encounter. When swapping alien powers, you get all facets of that power - e.h., the Miser's hoard, the Warrior's points, the Claw's claw, etc.The childlike Changelings love to play, and gleefully anticipate new experiences. Recently they have developed the unsettling ability to shed their psyches in exchange for those of others. Their standard greeting of "I just don't seem to be myself today" provokes panic in many a passing acquaintance as the Changelings leapfrog about the Cosmos.

Wild Flare - You may pass this card to the player on your left, and draw a card at random from his regular hand. This Flare may be used only once per challenge.

Super Flare - When you must change powers, you may change powers with any player in the game.


The Changeling power fundamentally changes the dynamics of the game, since a player can no longer rely on retaining his power throughout play. Instead the key to playing a game with changeling is to rely on hand strength instead.