The Contract was an alien from the privately published 1978 expansion by Alan Emrich. No History text or Flares are known for it.


You have the power to barter. Whenever you are the main player in a challenge, you may, at your option, initiate a one-minute "deal" after the Cone is placed with the offensive player's tokens on it, before allies are invited. Failure to work out a deal results in both sides losing as many tokens as they have in the challenge. These lost tokens may not come from those already in the challenge, if possible. If no deal is reached, the challenge continues normally. Success in working out the pre-challenge deal ends the challenge, and the offensive player may continue if he has a second challenge coming.


At first glance, the Contract seems to simply surpass the Empath. However, it is more subtle than that. Knowing that the Contract is likely to attempt a deal, an offensive player can weight the odds in his favor simply by pointing the cone at a base with as many Contract tokens as possible (ideally, 4+), while placing few of his own tokens at stake (for example, 1). If the Contract then attempts one of his deals, the attacker has the edge, as he is only risking a single token, while the Contract will lose 4 if it fails. Of course, the Contract can refuse to offer the deal but then in effect his power has been negated.

SandyPetersen 20:00, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

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