Cosmic Dominion is the fifth expansion for the FFG version of Cosmic Encounter. Cosmic Dominion contains 30 new aliens and a new 32-card reward deck, which can be added to the reward deck from Cosmic Incursion or used alone. As a love letter to Cosmic fans, all aliens and cards included in this expansion were designed by the fans. Cosmic Dominion also includes 8 ship markers (one for each player color) for fans to use to come up with their own variants, and a Hazard token (a convenient way to keep track of whether a hazard warning is in effect).

Aliens Edit

Cosmic Dominion includes 30 aliens:

Trivia Edit

With the addition of Joker/Judge, Quartermaster, Usurper and Yin-Yang in this expansion, there is now at least one alien for each letter of the alphabet.