The Avalon Hill version of Cosmic Encounter was released in 2000. While the production values were high, it was rather simpler than its predecessors (only 20 aliens, four players, no flares) and received no expansions, being considered by fans to be the weakest entry in the series.


Amoeba (AH) Anti-Matter (AH) Chronos (AH) Clone (AH) Empath (AH) Filch (AH) Healer (AH) Laser (AH) Macron (AH) Mind (AH) Mutant (AH) Oracle (AH) Pacifist (AH) Parasite (AH) Philanthropist (AH) Sorcerer (AH) Trader (AH) Virus (AH) Vulch (AH) Zombie (AH)


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