The original Eon edition of Cosmic Encounter was released in 1977. It included 15 aliens and supported up to four players.


Fifteen aliens were included with this edition:



A total of nine expansion sets were released, which were numbered rather than named, bringing the total number of aliens to 75 and players to six:

  • Expansion 1 (1977): 10 new aliens and orange (silver in early print runs) components for a 5th player
  • Expansion 2 (1977): 10 new aliens and purple (gold in early print runs) components for a 6th player
  • Expansion 3 (1978): 15 new aliens and new cards for the deck
  • Expansion 4 (1979): Flares for all currently-existing aliens
  • Expansion 5 (1980): Moons
  • Expansion 6 (1981): Lucre and 10 new aliens, many of which made use of Lucre
  • Expansion 7 (1981): 14 new aliens
  • Expansion 8 (1982): Flares for all aliens from E6, E7 and the upcoming E9, and new cards for the deck, including the new Kickers
  • Expansion 9 (1983): 1 new alien and stickers for two new gameplay variants