FFG box cover

The Fantasy Flight Games edition of Cosmic Encounter was released in 2008. It includes support for up to 5 players (up to 8 with expansions), 50 aliens (many returning from previous editions but some all-new), improved rules with clarifications, and all-new Tech cards.


This edition includes 50 aliens - 13 of which are all-new.

Amoeba (FFG) Anti-Matter (FFG) Barbarian (FFG) Calculator (FFG) Chosen (FFG) Citadel (FFG) Clone (FFG) Cudgel (FFG) Dictator (FFG) Fido (FFG) Filch (FFG) Fodder (FFG) Gambler (FFG) Grudge (FFG) Hacker (FFG) Hate (FFG) Healer (FFG) Human (FFG) Kamikaze (FFG) Loser (FFG) Machine (FFG) Macron (FFG) Masochist (FFG) Mind (FFG) Mirror (FFG) Miser (FFG) Mite (FFG) Mutant (FFG) Observer (FFG) Oracle (FFG) Pacifist (FFG) Parasite (FFG) Philanthropist (FFG) Reincarnator (FFG) Remora (FFG) Reserve (FFG) Shadow (FFG) Sorcerer (FFG) Spiff (FFG) Tick-Tock (FFG) Trader (FFG) Tripler (FFG) Vacuum (FFG) Virus (FFG) Void (FFG) Vulch (FFG) Warpish (FFG) Warrior (FFG) Will (FFG) Zombie (FFG)


With all expansions included, the Fantasy Flight Games edition currently includes 196 aliens.