The Mayfair edition of Cosmic Encounter was released in 1991. It supported up to to 6 players, revised various rules (for example, flares were discarded after one use) and added significantly more aliens.


This edition included 49 aliens:



  • More Cosmic Encounter (1992): A large expansion containing new variants such as moons and Lucre, many new aliens, and a significant number of new cards for the deck, including Reinforcements and Kickers.
  • Simply Cosmic (1995): A "simplified" Cosmic Encounter game. It included only 8 aliens and components for only 4 players, but the components were of different colors than those of the base set, allowing an up-to-10-player game when combined with the base set.
  • Even/A Bit More Cosmic Encounter (????): A planned expansion that was never released, likely due to Mayfair Games' temporarily shutdown in 1996. Little to no details are known about it.