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Anti-Matter (FFG)

Anti-Matter is an alien with the power of negation. Whenever it's a main player, the lower total wins the encounter as opposed to the higher one. To aid in this, Anti-Matter's ships subtract from its total instead of adding, as do allied ships on both sides. Anti-Matter acts as a significant foil to powerhouse aliens such as Virus and Warrior, but it can become a liability given the wrong hand. Anti-Matter debuted in the second Eon expansion and rose to being a starter alien in each edition since.


  • February 23rd - Virus is our first featured article!
  • February 1st - Incursion is out. Buy it if you can find it.
  • October 27th - Cosmic Incursion is announced. 20 aliens, sixth player, bunch o' good stuff.

Random Alien

Empath (CEO)

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