Counter Balance was an alien race included in the privately published 1978 expansion by Alan Emrich. It has no History text, and no Flares for it are known.


You have the power to match. When you are one of the two main players in a challenge, do not use the Hyperspace Cone. Instead, you each designate one base in your respective home systems that the owning player has tokens on, and these bases and the owning players' tokens on them are at stake. All allies are considered to be Offensive allies. The losing player and his allies go to the Warp. THe winning player (with tokens from any of his bases) and his allies may establish a base on the losing players' designated planet. You do not lose the use of this power until you have no bases left on your home system. Note that the Worm may redesignate a planet (either yours or his) after cards are revealed. Do not use in a two player game.


  • The power description does not say what the Counter Balance does if his opponent has no tokens in his home system.
  • This power is rather peculiar in that, while it changes the nature of the game turn, it's not clear that it benefits the Counter Balance himself in any way.
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