Power to preserve
Saves cards for later
Cryo (FFG)
When you draw a new hand, you may first set aside any or all of your non-encounter cards (including this card). Then, draw a new hand of eight cards before adding the cards you set aside back into your new hand.
When storing a card, you may swap it for a card in storage instead of drawing a card from the deck. In addition, you may discard your hand to take cards in storage as a new hand regardless of how many cards you have stored.

Cryo is an alien that freezes its cards into a special stack. It can use those cards later.

As a main player or ally, after allies are invited, Cryo may use this power to take one card from its hand and put it in cold storage on its sheet. Afterwards, it draws one card from the deck. Cards in cold storage are frozen and cannot be looked at or drawn by any other player, nor are they considered part of Cryo's hand.

If Cryo has at least 8 cards in cold storage, it can discard its hand at any time to take the cards from the sheet as a new hand.


As CryoEdit

The primary advantage of Cryo is the ability to store a card that may not be very useful currently, but may become crucial later. Examples of this include saving a high attack or a Cosmic Zap for a late-game Warrior or Warpish, or a Mobius Tubes when playing against Masochist.

One idea which is not always obvious is to use Cryo's power to continually discard bad cards, replacing them with new random cards. However, this does handicap it somewhat, ending up with a large hoard of bad cards that cannot be removed unless taken as a new hand.

Against CryoEdit

There's not much one can do against Cryo's power specifically, although once it decides to take its storage as its hand, you can ssume there will be good cards there, so it may be a good idea to take them via compensation. This is also a prime time for playing the Hand Zap.

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