Power to smash
Opponent loses more ships
Cudgel (FFG)
When you gain a colony as the offense, you may send all ships on that planet belonging to other players to the warp. Ships that were allied with you on this encounter are not affected.
Whenever you use your power on a player, you may affect any of that player's allies also. Each player you smash loses the number of ships you had in the encounter.

Cudgel is an alien from FFG with a "rub it in" sort of power - whenever it defeats someone, they lose more ships than they would normally lose, equal to the number of ships Cudgel used in the encounter.


Opponents get weaker fasterMust commit high for best performance

As CudgelEdit

Playing Cudgel is simple - if there are a lot of ships in the encounter, play a big attack and kick the opponent down a notch. Usually, this translates into sending lots of ships as the offense, as opponents will be extra careful to pick Cudgel's least-defended planet. However, Cudgel has to be carfeul not to lose too many ships, as part of its power translates into having slightly more ships than everyone else. Opponents will probably be wary of negotiating against Cudgel, so it should not have to give up much compensation.

Against CudgelEdit

Cudgel relies on having a lot of ships to throw around, so try to pick them off. Once it's lost a lot of ships, it won't be able to use its power as effectively. Aside from that, it is important to defeat Cudgel in encounters - it cannot use its power unless it wins.


Aliens whose power stems from having lots of ships such as Amoeba, Macron, and Virus should be extra careful when Cudgel is around; Cudgel itself should try to smash as many of these aliens' ships as possible. On the other hand, aliens such as Warpish, Masochist, and Vacuum enjoy losing to Cudgel, and Zombie doesn't care whatsoever.


EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power to Smash. As a main player, when you win an encounter in which you revealed an attack card, use this power to force your opponent to lose extra ships of his or her choice equal to the number of ships you had in the encounter, in addition to any ships he or she would normally lose.The customary greeting among Cudgels is a hearty handshake and a solid blow to the head. This long-standing tradition - often fatal - is frequently misunderstood by weaker races, much to the amusement of the Cudgels. Now, having flattened all of their closest friends, the gregarious Cudgels look skyward, leaving the debris of their broken planet behind. With fists raised in friendship, they seek out new beings to meet, greet, and smash, and will not stop until the Cosmos itself is shattered.