The Destiny deck is used during the Destiny phase to determine which player will be the defense for the encounter. There are three types of destiny cards: color, wild, and special.


This is the most common type of destiny card. There are three destiny cards for each player color. If the offense draws a color, he or she must have an encounter with that color in that player's home system.

If the offense draws his or her own color, there are three options:

  • The offense may attack another player's foreign colony that is on one of his or her planets.
  • The offense may re-establish a home colony on one of his or her empty planets. This is considered to be a successful encounter.
  • The offense may discard the destiny card and draw another one.


If a wild is drawn, the offense may have an encounter with any other player in his or her home system.


If a special destiny card is drawn, the offense must read it to determine who the defensive player will be. Each special card has a different condition, such as:

  • The player with most foreign colonies.
  • The player with the fewest ships in the warp.
  • The player with the most cards in hand.
Cosmic Card (FFG) Cards Cosmic Card (FFG)
ARTROYGBPEncounter card (23 N  M  R ) • FLA29×2+5 3 

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