The Doppleganger is an odd alien added in the notorious 3rd expansion by Eon.


You have the power to haunt. You are not dealt a hand. If you must play a challenge card, you ask any other player for his highest Attack Card and a Compromise Card. He must give you both if he has them, but if he has only one, he gives you that. If he has neither (or, at your option in a 2-player game) you draw from the deck, playing the first challenge card drawn. After you play a challenge card, return the other (if you got two) to the player you borrowed it from. If you ever acquire challenge cards otherwise, discard them immediately. You may keep Edicts (subject to consolation) and play them as appropriate. If you lose your power, draw a hand.

Wild Flare: Whenever you would normally put tokens into the cone, instead of doing so, you may secretly write down the number you want to put in, and on which side. When the outcome is being determined, reveal what you wrote, and it is counted in. Now dispose of your tokens as if that number had been in the cone.

Super Flare: You may keep any Flares you get in your hand (subject to consolation).


Haunting its cosmic colleagues, the Doppleganger often gets the better of them. Each encounter leaves the jittery victim with the feeling that there is more to every passing shadow than meets the eye.


Despite its seeming weirdness, the Doppleganger is actually a very straightforward power. It is especially nasty vs. the Clone, because it steals his good card. It does not mingle well with many other powers, so is probably a bad idea to use in a two-power-per-player game. Imagine combining it with the Deuce, for instance.

SandyPetersen 15:51, March 22, 2010 (UTC)

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