You have the power to annoy.

When you are the main alien in an encounter you may annoy your opponent.

Your lovely likeness accompanied by soothing music will appear floating across your opponent's console, strategically blocking key areas.


The prehistoric home world of the Dork was the ninth planet orbiting the star "Itmustbe". Once it reached a technologically advanced state, the Dork ostensibly left its homeworld in search of cosmic inspiration and exploration (in reality, however, the Dork was actually forced off the planet by other sentient races it simply annoyed too much). Realizing the power to Annoy could be bent to its own will, the Dork soon formed a corps of annoying Hussars and now roams the galaxy, seeking to combat other alien life forms, leading with its terribly annoying battle-cry: "Hussar! Itmustbe Nine!"

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