The Empire was an alien added in the privately published 1978 expansion by Alan Emrich. No History text or Flares are known for it.


You have the power of dominion. To set up, you get two system hexes, two sets of tokens, and operate with a hand of 14 cards as long as you have your power. Each color has its own turn. Put both colors into the destiny pile. You need 7 foreign bases to win. You may not put more than 4 tokens in the cone, but you may mix colors. When one of your systems loses 3 bases (thus losing its power), that half of the empire falls and its tokens and (destiny) discs are removed from the game. The other half never falls, and you continue normally in all ways (i.e., a 7 card hand) except that you still need 7 bases to win.


Presumably when the power description says he gets a "hand of 14 cards" it means that the Empire player starts with 14 cards, and if he loses all his challenge cards, he gets a new hand of 14 cards.

This power is an interesting early attempt at a Symbiote with an additional boost by giving him two player-turns a round. The 14-card starting hand is extremely powerful, but is somewhat counteracted by his extra base requirement, plus the fact that, more easily than other players, he can lose his power permanently.

It is logical that the Empire should not be played in games with other powers that alter the winning conditions (such as Schizoid).

SandyPetersen 20:08, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

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