Power of guilt
Gets compensation for attack
Ethic (FFG)
When you draw any new card(s) from the deck, use this flare. For the rest of the encounter, each time you draw cards, you may feel guilty and give away some or all of them to other players. You may not, however, give away more than three cards per encounter in this way.
When you collect compensation, name a number from zero to eight and take that many cards as compensation.

Ethic is an alien that claims compensation from its opponent when it loses an encounter in which both encounter cards were attacks. In addition, whenever it collects compensation, it can take some or all of it from the deck instead of from its opponent's hand.

Production history Edit

In the Eon and Mayfair editions, Ethic always collected four cards as compensation when it used its power, but the opposing player had the option to pay Lucre to avoid having to give cards. This is not possible in the current edition due to the non-inclusion of Lucre; to compensate for this, Ethic's power is reduced from always collecting four cards to only collecting one card per ship lost.