Power to overwhelm
Plays additional low cards
Fodder (FFG)
If you were invited to join an encounter and declined, you may join with one ship after cards are revealed.
You may use your power to discard attack cards that are equal to or lower than the card you played.

Fodder is an alien whose power lets it play additional attack cards during an encounter, as long as those cards are strictly greater than its card and strictly less than its opponent's. The extra cards are added to Fodder's total. For example, if Fodder had played a 06 and its opponent had played a 10, Fodder would be able to play any attack cards of 07, 08, or 09.


Can compete with high totals
Can get rid of low attack cards easily
Relies on having multiple middling attacks

As FodderEdit

Fodder's power is most effective with a hand full of average-or-lower attack cards. To get a high total in an encounter, Fodder would play its lowest card and then pile the other on it. However, this depends on what the opponent's card is, so this is most easily done when Fodder can predict a big card will come up.

Against FodderEdit

Playing a high attack against Fodder is sure to draw out a large pile of cards, so it's best to try and predict when Fodder will be playing a card big enough to not be trying to use its power. Fodder's actions can also help reveal what's in its hand - if it doesn't cover a difference of just 10, its hand must be devoid of attacks 10 or lower.


Virus probably doesn't have to worry about Fodder's total becoming a threat, but Macron, Tripler, Warrior, and Warpish probably will. Anti-Matter, Loser, and Spiff can make Fodder reconsider using its power.


EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power to Overwhelm. As a main player, you may use this power after both you and your opponent reveal attack cards in an encounter. You may discard any or all attack cards in your hand that are both higher than the attack card you played and lower than the attack card played by your opponent, adding their value to your total.Always regarded as an inferior, scavenging race, the Fodder have amassed a multitude of generally less-effective arms. With the astonishingly large cache of second-rate weapons, the Fodder can afford to overwhelm their adversaries.