Power to adhere
Attaches to other ships
Fungus (FFG)
Reveal(FFG)(on) Resolution(FFG)(on)
When you win as the defense in your home system, you may collect all opposing ships in the encounter and place them in a circle around your home system. They now count toward your total when you are the defense in your home system, but do not go to the warp if you lose as the defense. Captured ships do not have special characteristics. When you discard this card, the captured ships return to their owner's colonies, if any.
Ships adhering to yours in stacks are not released when sent to the warp. When you retrieve a ship from the warp, those ships in its stack remain with it.

Fungus is an alien that has the ability to capture the opponent's losing ships, stacking them under its own ships instead of sending them to the warp. The more ships it has in its stacks, the stronger it is.