Power to feast
Rewarded for defeating ships
Ghoul (FFG)
After you win an encounter as a main player, you receive one defender reward (a ship retrieved from the warp or a card from the deck) for every player that opposed you in the encounter.
You may use your power as an offensive ally.

Ghoul is an alien that collects rewards for every opposing ship it defeats in encounters.

Text Edit

EditionPower TextHistory
CIYou have the power to Feast. As a main player, after you win an encounter, use this power. For each opposing ship sent to the warp as a result of the encounter, you receive one defender reward (either retrieve one of your ships from the warp or draw one card from the deck).Haunting the edge of battlefields and devouring the losers to sate their endless hunger, the Ghouls are greatly feared throughout the universe, particularly by those aliens that normally attack en masse. More subtle tactics are required against the Ghouls, lest they emerge from battle stronger than ever.