Horde is an alien with the power to Spawn.

Power Edit

Gains a horde token each time it draws a card from the deck or retrieves a ship from the warp; horde tokens count as Horde's own ships but are removed from the game if they go to the warp or are captured by another player. Power cannot be stolen or copied; if this power is lost, horde tokens remain under the player's control until the tokens themselves are lost.

Flare Edit

Wild: Add one ship of an unused player color to one of your colonies during your regroup phase. It is treated as an extra ship of your color but is removed from the game if it goes to the warp, is captured, or is on a planet without one of your normal ships.

Super: When you would gain tokens, gain twice that many instead. (The Cosmodex notes that this effect applies for the duration of the encounter in which the flare is played, rather than just being applied to only the instance of gaining tokens that triggers the playing of this flare.)


Can easily outnumber enemy shipsMust draw cards to be effective

As HordeEdit

Horde generally needs to draw cards or retrieve ships continuously in order to fully utilize its ability; being a defensive ally helps accomplish this task, as does drawing a new hand. Horde shouldn't hesitate to lose its non-token ships, as it will more than make up for its loss when it gains them back.

Horde shouldn't hesitate to use Mobius Tubes or a Rift, as it will effectively gain twice as many ships in the form of tokens.