The Insect was an alien added in the 2nd expansion published by Eon Productions. It was a popular power, which unfortunately led to many complicated rules questions.


You have the power of metamorphosis. Whenever you are the offensive or defensive player, you copy your opponent's power (offensive player has the chance to use it first, then defensive.) You may use his power even if he has lost the use of it. (If the Will is in the game, you may challenge it anywhere, without picking from the Destiny Pile.)

Wild Flare - If you lose a challenge as a main player you may discard your hand (including this Flare) and get a new one according to normal rules.

Super Flare - As a main player in a challenge you may use your opponent's power before or after he does, your choice.

Restrictions - do not use in a game with the Boomerang, Miser, Oracle, or Schizoid. If the Insect copies the Reincarnator's� current power, and loses the challenge or fails to make a deal, it Reincarnates and the Insect power is out of the game. Many homebrew powers ban the Insect because of its complexity.


The short-lived Insects rapidly adapt to match the strengths of any opponent. They know that their ability to metamorphose and copy any ecological innovation will lead to ultimate control of the Cosmos.


The Insect can lead to rules problems, particularly when using new powers. For instance, if the Insect is copying a Human, and both players are Zapped, who wins? (For the answer to this, follow the timing rules: the offense has first chance to use his or her power, followed by the defense. If both were zapped at once, the offense would therefore win.)

Other interesting situations can arise as well. For example, if the Insect challenges (or is challenged by) the Vulch and either of them has a Plague, they can cooperate to destroy all the other players as follows: one of them Plagues a third player. Say it is the Insect. The Vulch then picks up the discarded Plague, and Plagues the same target. The Insect then copies the Vulch's power, picks up the discarded Plague yet again, and again Plagues the same target. This continues until every other player has all their tokens in the Warp, and has discarded all of their cards, after which the Insect and Vulch resolve their challenge.