Power of sacrifice
Sacrifices ships for cards
Kamikaze (FFG)
As a main player, after encounter cards are selected but before they are revealed, you may send up to four of your ships that are not in the encounter to the warp to add 3 to your side's total for each ship sacrificed.
You may retrieve three ships from the warp during each of your regroup phases instead of one.

Kamikaze is an alien that may willingly destroy some of its own ships, gaining two cards for each ship.


Gathers cards quicklyLoses ships quickly

As KamikazeEdit

Usually, having many cards is preferable to having many ships. However, one must be careful not to take this too far, as Kamikaze's power becomes useless without available ships. Therefore, it becomes important to find a balance between cards and ships. This can be made easier by sending fewer ships into encounters (having more cards should help win them) and by retrieving ships as rewards instead of cards, as each ship sacrificed earns two cards.

Against KamikazeEdit

Since Kamikaze needs ships to use its power, they should be made a target through Plague and such. Kamikaze's cards are also good to target through compensation and the like, as its power earns them quite a bit.


Ship-destroying aliens such as Cudgel and Grudge make it more difficult for Kamikaze to use its power, and Void and Fungus are even more limiting. Kamikaze's cards are also a target for Hacker, Mite, or Trader. Kamikaze's constant sacrifice can also make things easier for Healer or Warpish.

If one were to have Kamikaze and Genius, then they could make things very easy for themselves.


EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power of Sacrifice. As a main player, before encounter cards are selected, you may use this power to send up to four of your ships from any of your colonies to the warp. For every ship you sent to the warp, draw two cards from the deck. If this power is zapped, you do not lose the sacrificed ships to the warp.Always a close-knit society, the Kamikaze have taken the virtue of self-sacrifice and raised it to an artform. In battle, they are greatly feared for their ability to die explosively at will. But the Kamikaze know that when their race rises to Cosmic superiority, those who gave their lives along the way will be remembered forever.