Laser is an alien who has the combat power to Blind.

Your opponent does not choose its encounter pod. Instead, its encounter pod is chosen at random.

LASER History Descended from an ancient sun-worshipping cult, the modern Lasers have learned to focus stellar power accurately enough to bedazzle any opposition. They are now embarked on a plan to spread confusion and fear among their enemies before stepping in to build a coherent Cosmos in their own image.

Cosmic Encounter Online description of Laser

The power to Blind does not lend itself to imaginative uses. It's very simple. When you have an encounter, you force the opponent to play a random pod. It's a power that is at it's full potential from the start of the game. There is no increase in power over time as with some of the other powers. This suggests that Laser should be used very aggressively. Try to win the game as quickly as possible through the brute force of your Laser weaponry before the other aliens' powers get too strong (e.g. Warrior). As an ally, try to send one ship on offense to get cheap bases early, or if worth the risk, send four; but be careful not to lose all your ships. You prefer offensive alliance to defensive alliance.

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