Laser is an alien with the power to Blind.

CEO Edit

Your opponent does not choose its encounter pod. Instead, its encounter pod is chosen at random.

History: Descended from an ancient sun-worshipping cult, the modern Lasers have learned to focus stellar power accurately enough to bedazzle any opposition. They are now embarked on a plan to spread confusion and fear among their enemies before stepping in to build a coherent Cosmos in their own image.

FFG Edit

As a main player, before encounter cards are selected (after your opponent draws a new hand, if necessary), you must select cards at random from your opponent's hand (without looking at them) up to the number of ships he or she has in the encounter and set them aside for the rest of the encounter. If your opponent does not have enough encounter cards left to continue the encounter after being blinded, you win the encounter automatically, otherwise it continues normally.

Flare Edit

Wild: You can discard up to three cards from your hand to choose any player (including yourself) and set aside the same number of cards randomly chosen from that player's hand until the end of the encounter.

Super: You may use your power as an ally after alliances are formed, targeting either one of the main players.

Strategy Edit

Limits opponents' optionsCan be difficult to negotiate with
The power to Blind is at its full potential right from the start of the game. There is no increase in power over time as with some of the other powers like Warrior. This suggests that Laser should be used very aggressively. Try to win the game as quickly as possible through the brute force of your Laser power before the other aliens' build up enough resources or get too strong. As an ally, try to send one ship on offense to get cheap bases early, or if worth the risk, send four; but be careful not to lose too many of your ships.

On the other hand, it can be very difficult to negotiate with opponents, as your power could very well make them unable to select a negotiate card to use.