Power of worldships
May attack with planet
Leviathan (FFG)
As the offense, after destiny is drawn, you may trade one home planet with the defense. Your planet moves to the defense's home system and vice versa. The encounter immediately ends successfully. Afterwards, give this flare to the Leviathan (or discard it, if Leviathan is not playing).
Your worldships may contain any ships except the defense's ships. Other players' ships on your worldship count towards your side's total and those players are automatically allied with you for this encounter, but may not launch additional ships and do not receive a colony if your side wins.

Leviathan is an alien that can attack with one of his planets that has only his ships on it. The planet adds an extra 20 to his side.



Leviathan's strength is that it has a much larger chance of winning as the offense. Sending a worldship can allow Leviathan to win with low attack cards that would be of little use to other aliens, so he doesn't have to keep trying to ditch his hand looking for 30s and 40s. The extra power can be used to overpower Citadel's defense boosts.


There are many aliens who make the Leviathan's brute force irrelevant. Loser and Anti-Matter make the extra twenty work against Leviathan if they catch him unaware. Once Leviathan knows that Loser or Anti-Matter is playing, he can just choose to not send worldships in encounters with them. Pacifist can easily sidestep Leviathan, as with any combat alien. A Cosmic Zap can change Leviathan's decisive victory into a devastating loss.

Because of the condition that a worldship can't have an opponent's ships on it, the Leviathan is vulnerable to aliens that can get colonies without having encounters, like Disease. Leviathan is especially afraid of Locust, which can remove planets from the game permanently.

Playing as LeviathanEdit

Leviathan has to keep up a good defense in order to keep its offensive advantage. Its power decreases the need to play high attack cards as the offense, so these cards should be kept for encounters as the defense. Force Field is good for keeping other players off of its planets.

Because worldships are most effective when lots of ships are piled on them already, Leviathan should watch out for Mobius Tubes and Rifts.