The Lloyd was added in the 6th expansion of Eon Productions. It requires the use of Lucre.


You have the power to insure. You may, for a fee, insure other players' tokens against loss in a challenge. If an insured player loses tokens, he does not pay your fee and replaces his lost tokens on bases. If an insured player does not lose tokens, however, he pays your fee. You may offer to insure any or all players on both sides in a challenge - main players and/or allies. You may set your fee (in Lucre) as you see fit, but you must tell prospective customers in advance what your fee is going to be. The insurance policy is only good for the challenge in which it is issued. You can insure only those tokens directly involved in the challenge, i.e., on the defensive planet or in the cone.


The Lloyd has been known to generations of warriors, merchants, and diplomats as the protector and helping hand in time of need.

Strategy Edit

Its main effect on gameplay is to prolong it, by permitting players to retain more tokens in the case of loss. It also tends to cause players to be more aggressive.


The Lloyd's name is a reference to the insurance firm Lloyd's of London.