Lucre was an element of gameplay added in the 6th Eon games expansion, and kept in the Mayfair version. It was not popular among hardcore players and has not been seen since.

How Lucre WorksEdit

In the Eon rules, a player started with 4 Lucre tokens on his Star Disk. At the start of his turn, he received another Lucre.

Lucre could be used for buying tokens back from the Warp, buying cards from the deck, and in the Eon version, you added your accumulated Lucre to your Challenge total when playing an Attack card.

In the Mayfair version, you did not add accumulated Lucre to your Challenge, and you started with less Lucre.

Alien Lucre PowersEdit

Several aliens were created by Eon which exploited the Lucre rules. These aliens fall into two general categories. Some, such as the Ethic, are still conceivably useful even if a game is not using lucre as a game feature. Others, such as the Dragon, make no sense without Lucre.

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