Machine is an alien with the power of Continuity. Its turn is not limited to two encounters - the Machine can have as many encounters as it wants in one turn as long as it has at least one encounter card in hand.

Eon/Mayfair Edit

If playing with moons, the rules for moons state that Machine is allowed only one moon challenge per encounter. This is to avoid giving Machine free reign over all the moons in play, as a player does not need to play any cards in order to take over a moon if no other player is already present on the moon.


Power to continue
Can continue turn
Machine (CEO)

Interestingly, bots will always play a  N  (if possible) when facing Machine in an attempt to take its pods. This is often a good strategy for players to use against Machine. Machine's weakness is that it needs to conserve its resources: ships and pods. If you can force Machine to use them up, it will be in trouble.


Power of continuity
Can continue turn
Machine (FFG)
As the offense, you always have the option to have a second encounter, even if you lost your first encounter or are out of encounter cards. If you have no encounter cards at the start of your second encounter, draw a new hand.
During each of your regroup phases, you may draw the top card from the deck instead of retrieving a ship from the warp.

Machine is slightly more powerful in FFG because of the larger, eight-card hands.


Machine is best played cautiously. To take advantage of your many extra encounters, keep sending one ship at a time, using your weaker attack cards. If you need more cards, send four ships and use a  N  to collect compensation. Your real attacks are done with four ships and a high card. You prefer being a defensive ally to an offensive ally so that you can draw more cards and potentially take longer turns.