Power of reversal
Swaps digits on attack cards
Mirror (FFG)
As a main player, after encounter cards are revealed, you may change your encounter card into a duplicate of your opponent’s encounter card.
When declaring a reverse, you may declare that the reverse will affect only your card or your opponent's card. This declaration is still made before cards are revealed, however.

Mirror is an alien with the ability to reverse the digits of revealed attack cards during an encounter. For example, a 12 would become a 21 when reversed, and a 04 would become a 40.

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EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power of Reversal. As a main player, after encounter cards are selected but before they are revealed, you may use this power to call for a reversal. This changes the value of any attack cards that are revealed in this encounter by reversing their digits. For example, this would make an attack 15 into a 51, a 20 into an 02, and an 08 into an 80. Resolve the encounter using these reversed values.Springing from a world with such a high surface silver content that everything reflected off everything else, the Mirrors adapted to the difficulty of separating mirror images from reality. They also developed an inner symmetry that confounds their opponents across the Cosmos.