Power to hoard
Gets second hand
Miser (FFG)
GameSetup(FFG)(on) AnyPhase(FFG)(on)
When you draw a new hand or another player takes compensation from you, you may place this card and two others facedown in front of you until afterwards. If compensation is being take from you, the facedown cards may not be taken. If drawing a new hand, you receive a full hand in addition to the facedown cards.
At the start of each of your encounters, you may draw one card from the deck and add it to your hoard.

Miser is an alien that holds two hands of cards at once, one of which is set aside and called its "hoard". It can play cards from either its hand or its hoard at will, and its hoard is immune to being looked at or stolen from by other players.

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FFGGame Setup: You are dealt two separate eight-card hands. Look at them and choose one to be your "hoard". Place it facedown on this sheet.
You have the power to Hoard. Whenever you wish to play a card, you may use this power to play a card from your hoard instead of your normal hand. You may not add cards you gain to your hoard, and other players may not look at or draw cards from your hoard. If there are no encounter cards left in your hoard, you may reveal it, then discard it and get a new eight-card hoard.
Barely eking out a living on their shriveled moon, the Misers for generations secreted away their small annual surplus. But as the hoard grew, so did their greed, until now they prepare to risk their holdings for greater Cosmic booty.