Morph  M  is a special type of encounter card. When a  M  is played as an encounter card, it becomes an exact duplicate of the opponent's card. For example, if the opponent played a  N , the  M  would become a  N  and the players would make a deal. If the opponent played a 12, the  M  would become a 12 (if the opponent then played a +3 on their card, the morph would remain a 12 and wouldn't change to a 15).

There is only one  M  in the cosmic deck. However, there is another in the Reward deck. If both players were to reveal a  M , both sides would lose the encounter.

Cosmic Card (FFG) Cards Cosmic Card (FFG)
ARTROYGBPEncounter card (23 N  M  R ) • FLA29×2+5 3 

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