Morph  M [1] is a special type of encounter card. When a morph is revealed as an encounter card, it becomes an exact duplicate of the opponent's card. For example, if the opponent revealed a  N , the  M  would become a  N  and the players would attempt to make a deal. If the opponent revealed a 12, the  M  would become a 12.

The morph duplicates everything that is printed on the opponent's card, but does not include any modifications from other sources. For example, if the opponent from the previous example played a +3 on their card, the morph's value would remain at 12 because it would not copy the effect of the reinforcement card. The morph does not have a value outside of being revealed in an encounter.

There is only one morph card in the deck, but there is another in each of the reward decks and in the Cosmic Alliance large group deck. If both sides in an encounter were to reveal a  M , both sides would lose the encounter and all ships in the encounter would be sent to the warp.

Notes Edit

  1. Morph cards are printed as half-red and half-green, but are shown on this wiki as one solid color due to Wikia limitations.
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