Power to infest
Joins alliance at will
Parasite (FFG)
When another player loses the use of his or her power due to controlling too few home planets, you may immediately establish a colony on one of his or her home planets with one of your ships. Your ship coexists with any ships already on the planet. You may establish another colony each time a player regains his or her power and loses it again.
As an ally, you may launch any number of ships you want.

Parasite is an irritating alien with the power to ally with someone even if it was not invited.

Strategy Edit

Many players consider this one of the most fun powers in the game. He can literally sap a player's will to win, by allying at the wrong time. He affects everyone's thinking throughout the game, and the more sophisticated and experienced your gaming group - the more the Parasite is a threat from the beginning of the game.

If it has a weakness, it lies only in the fact that being the Parasite is rather straightforward - all the careful thinking and plotting and planning is the responsibility of the other players in the game. You can just cruise along straight to victory.

One way to sidestep the Parasite's infestations is to emphasize making Deals with your opponents - all allies get kicked out.


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