The Pirate was added in Eon Productions' 6th expansion. It is a Lucre-dependent power and cannot be used in a game without Lucre.

It might set a record for the longest and most complex power description in any published alien, leaving room only for an extremely short, ungrammatical, and arguably dull History.


You have the power to raid. During any turn when you are not a main player you may make one raid-challenge on the Lucre of either main player. To do so, announce the raid victim before cards are played, then collect up to four of your tokens and place them outside the chosen system. The main challenge is suspended during the raid, and you and the victim are now the main players (but you may not be possessed by the Demon). The victim defends with his Lucre (not his tokens) and he may not buy cards or tokens during the raid. If you win, you get all of his Lucre, and your tokens return to bases. If you lose, your raiding tokens go to the warp. The victim may use his power, if appropriate. If, before playing cards, he offers you one-half of his Lucre (rounded up) you must accept it and return to your bases. There are no alliances, but deals are allowed. Only you may get consolation (compensation). If you lose your power during a raid, return your tokens to bases.


Whispering rapacious orders into their ears, a small flock of rogue traders lead their minions into the far reaches of interstellar space.


One objection to the Pirate is that he prolongs the game significantly, because in theory during EVERY challenge, he might interrupt the action to raid someone's Lucre. He also makes the game a little more dull, because unlike other challenges, other players can't join in as allies, which reduces them to mere bystanders.

SandyPetersen 23:06, March 9, 2010 (UTC)

The History may be short, but it is clever, since the Pirate turns out to be the parrot, and not the colorful swashbuckler upon whose shoulder it is perched.

Jordan Berg November 15, 2011