Pygmy is an alien which starts with 10 planets rather than the usual five. Each planet counts as one half a foreign colony for other players and the power cannot be stolen, copied or lost. No more than four ships can exist on any one planet in Pygmy's home system. One unused player color is required in order for this power to be played.

Flare Edit

Wild: Opponents only get half rewards

Super: On defense, opponent's attack card is halved


Greatly unaffected by invasionProvides no direct benefits

As PygmyEdit

Pygmy's power is stable, but because it provides no direct benefit to hand size or encounters the Pygmy must play for cards. Losing home colonies doesn't matter to Pygmy, so being the defender is a good time to throw away low attacks and negotiates.

Against PygmyEdit

Invading Pygmy is time consuming and results in no immediate benefits, the same is true when negotiating for colonial exchange. The ship limit can be played to the offense's advantage by sending four ships through the gate they can effectively deny their allies. Aliens like Locust and Claw can still steal Pygmy's planets, and in the case of Locust the ship limit can ensure that they are the only color on that planet.

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