The Quitter was included in the privately published 1978 expansion by Alan Emrich. No Flares for it are known.


You have the power to stop. You win the game once you acquire your fourth base outside your home system. If you are Zapped after gaining your fourth base, you must gain a fifth to win, like everybody else.


Owing to a race history of expansion with greed, the Quitters soon grew on their system until they knew enough to stop. Now that the Quitters clearly dominate their home planets, they seek other stars for expansion while suppressing thoughts of greed.


The Quitter power is rather dull - it does not change the game in any way, except to make other players less likely to invite the Quitter as an ally.

Add to this the rule that a Cosmic Zap apparently permanently destroys the Quitter's power when used at the right time (which means that a rational player will save a Zap for just such a purpose), and the Quitter's lot is bleak indeed.

SandyPetersen 19:45, March 10, 2010 (UTC)

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