Power of reincarnation
Uses powers not in game
Reincarnator (FFG)
After another player besides the Reincarnator loses an encounter or fails to make a deal, you may give this flare to that player to force him or her to discard his or her current power and draw a new one. Aliens with Game Setup text or that are not allowed in the current game should be discarded and the player allowed to draw again.
You don't have to reincarnate when you lose an encounter or fail to make a deal.

Reincarnator is an alien that uses various powers over the course of a game. While it starts out "powerless," every time it loses an encounter, it gains a new power from the set of aliens not currently in the game (the old incarnation being thrown out).

If another player copies or steals Reincarnator's power, the copying or stealing player gains both the current incarnation and the Reincarnator power. However, if a player copying or stealing Reincarnator's power loses an encounter and reincarnates, he or she must lose his or her original power completely. For example, if Plant loses an encounter while grafting Reincarnator, it would cease to be Plant and become something else, while Reincarnator would not change.

Text Edit

EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power of Reincarnation. As a main player or ally, when you lose an encounter (or fail to deal), use this power to reincarnate., Draw an alien power card at random from the unused pile and become that alien. If the alien has Game Setup text or is not allowed in the current game, draw again. If you lose a later encounter, discard that alien and draw a new one. This power stays with you while you use the others. Aliens with the power to copy your power may do so (copying both your Reincarnator power and whatever power you are reincarnated as), but if they lose an encounter while doing so they must reincarnate, losing their original power.Having conquered the fear of death, the Reincarnators rejoice with the passing of each of their kind. Feeling kinship with all life forms, they know that those who die will soon be born again in an endless cycle.