Power to cling
Gets cards or ships with others
Remora (FFG)
When another player uses a super or wild flare, you may draw a card from the deck.
When another player gains a colony, you may either draw a card from the deck or retrieve a ship from the warp. If multiple players gain colonies at once, draw a card or retrieve a ship for each.

Remora is an alien with the power to Cling. Whenever an opponent retrieves one or more ships from the warp, the Remora may retrieve one ship as well. Whenever another player draws a card from the deck, the Remora may draw a card as well.

Strategy Edit

Remora gets comparatively stronger as time goes on. Its power means that it recovers from defeats or card losses more quickly than other aliens, so it maintains its early strength throughout the game while its opponents' strengths shrink. Therefore it is in Remora's interest to prolong play.