Remote is an alien with the power to Control.

Power Edit

As a main player, whenever Remote wins an encounter, it takes one ship from the opponent's side as a "remote" and places the ship on its sheet. In a later encounter, the Remote may send any or all of the remotes on its sheet to the warp to force the owners of those ships to ally with the Remote and send as many ships as they can (up to the limit of four), even if they have to abandon colonies to do so.

Flare Edit

Wild: Each of your allies must send one additional ship to the encounter. This may exceed the normal limit of four ships per player. A player is not required to abandon any colony to send the extra ship.

Super: You may take one ship from each opposing player as remotes, not just one opposing player.

Trivia Edit

The Remote can be considered to be a combination of Eon's Magnet and Crystal.