Power to reinforce
Can use attacks as reinforcements
Reserve (FFG)
Whenever another player discards a reinforcement card (after playing it or not) you may take it and add it to your hand. Reinforcement cards you play are discarded as normal.
You may use your power to play any attack card of 9 or less as a reinforcement.

Reserve is an alien that can use attack cards as if they are reinforcements, provided they are 6 or lower. It can also discard Ns to cancel any other player's reinforcement.

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EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power to Reinforce. As a main player or ally, after encounter cards are revealed, you may use this power to power to play one or more attack cards of 06 or less from your hand as if they were reinforcement cards of their listed value
As a main player or ally, when another player plays a reinforcement card, you may use this power to discard a negotiate card to cancel and discard that reinforcement card.
The Reserves became the dominant species on their home world by waiting for other beings to wear each other out and then arriving with timely force to deliver a knockout punch. Showing the effective use of timing, the Reserves call in extra strength just when they need it most.