Sapient is an alien with the power to Ally. This power works similarly to Warrior's power, except it is used when being an ally as opposed to when being a main player.

Power Edit

Gains a token for each win as an ally; gains a token per ship for each ship lost as an ally; adds 1 point to its side's total for each of its tokens as an ally

Flare Edit

Wild: As ally, add one to total for each of your home colonies

Super: Add double tokens when adding tokens to sheet


Brewed in the cauldron of a gorgeous planet circling a robust star in a spectacular galaxy, the Sapient race evolved a unique intelligent design which enabled them to genetically pass accumulated wisdom to the next generation. Their culture thus became dominated by those who combined beauty with brilliance. Thus endowed, they spawned the most fascinating and entertaining progeny who became all but irresistible to the unsuspecting and hapless riffraff they encountered. Now they turn their alluring essence outward, secure in the knowledge that all life forms will be charmed into desiring them as allies.

Strategy Edit

Sapient is an alien with a noncombat (for its own combats, that is) power that grows with time. Thus, patience and conservative play is recommended. The longer the game goes on the more powerful Sapient becomes.