The Schizoid was added in the notorious 3rd expansion by Eon Productions.

Eon Edit


You have the power to alter reality. At the start of the game, before cards are dealt, write down how many bases on other players' planets are needed to win. Then add one other game condition which 1) is possible for all players to meet, 2) is clear to all as it happens, and 3) does not require remembering past events (e.g. "Winner(s) must have 3 (foreign) bases and fail to make a deal."). On each challenge, the offensive player may ask you a "yes" or "no" question about the win. You must answer truthfully, aloud. When your conditions are met, you declare the winner. (If you lose your power, normal win conditions prevail.)

Wild Flare - You can switch planet hexes (and thus colors) with any player, between challenges.

Super Flare - You may change the terms of the win at the end of each of your turns (so long as this does not give anyone an immediate win).

Restrictions - do not use in a game with the Insect or the Plant. In games with different types of planet hexes, the Wild Schizoid is usually banned.



Long ago their system slipped into a cascading series of alternate space/times. Now the Schizoids believe that universal acceptance of their current reality will end the madness that has gripped their world for so long.


The basic problem with the Schizoid is that a creative player can make game conditions that are almost impossible to guess (i.e., "you must have 1 foreign base and whistle "yankee doodle" to be declared the winner") . It's also possible for players unfamiliar with this power to unwittingly create win conditions that are illegal. For example, you cannot have the win condition of "you must have lost your power" because if the Schizoid himself loses his power, he cannot win in this manner.

That said, a mature and intelligent player can use the Schizoid to actually increase game fun and have an enjoyable time for all concerned.

FFG Edit

Game setup, choose one Schizoid card; Schizoid card is object of game instead of five foreign colonies; players with their own win conditions such as Tick-Tock may still win with own condition; player with five foreign colonies may Cosmic Zap Schizoid for the win; each time Schizoid loses an encounter as main, one random nonchosen Schizoid card is revealed to winners (only), but shuffled back in

Schizoid cards:

  • Three foreign colonies in one system
  • Three foreign colonies with at least four ships on each
  • Four foreign colonies and fail to make a deal while having four
  • Three foreign colonies and make a deal while having three
  • Three foreign colonies and then take back a lost home colony while having three foreign
  • Three foreign colonies and draw a new hand while having three

Flare Edit

Wild: At end of any encounter, switch colors (and therefore home planets) with any other player; discard this flare

Super: At end of your turn, may replace Schizoid card with card chosen from unused ones (but cannot choose card that would cause instant win)

Classic Super: If this card is in opening hand, write down (secretly) any desired win condition instead of using cards; condition must be one that all players can meet, that only uses public information, that does not require remembering any past event, and that involves at least three foreign colonies. At the moment this flare leaves your hand, you must reveal secret win condition (but it still applies)

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