Power to execute
Removes others' ships
Shadow (FFG)
As the defense, when you lose an encounter and your opponent played an attack card, you may send one of your ships not in the encounter to the warp to take all opposing ships to the warp with you. In spite of winning, the opposing players do not receive colonies on your planet.
When you execute a ship during your turn, you may replace it with one of your ships, retrieved from the warp.

Shadow (formerly Assassin) is an alien who can pick off another player's ship of its choice whenever that player's color is drawn from the destiny deck.

Strategy Edit

Against Shadow Edit

The Shadow tends to prolong the game, as it is able to destroy other players' colonies and thus keep them from accumulating the total needed to win. The best way to mitigate Shadow's effect is to maintain 2 or more ships on all foreign colonies so that you can't lose a colony in a single shot.

Matchups Edit

The Shadow is especially powerful in games with Dictator, where the two can cooperate to destroy the opposition. It is also powerful against Macron, as Macron can only send one ship at a time into an encounter, making its foreign colonies easy targets.