Power to execute
Removes others' ships
Shadow (FFG)
As the defense, when you lose an encounter and your opponent played an attack card, you may send one of your ships not in the encounter to the warp to take all opposing ships to the warp with you. In spite of winning, the opposing players do not receive colonies on your planet.
When you execute a ship during your turn, you may replace it with one of your ships, retrieved from the warp.

Shadow, known in previous editions as Assassin, is an alien who can pick off another player's ship of Shadow's choice when that player's color is drawn from the destiny deck.

Strategy Edit

The Shadow/Assassin tends to prolong the game, by destroying other players' bases and thus keeping them from accumulating the total needed to win. The best way to mitigate the Shadow's effect is to maintain 2 or more tokens on all foreign bases, so that you can't lose the base in a single shot. Of course, this strategy is not possible to the Macron.

The Shadow is especially powerful in games with the Dictator, where the two can cooperate to devastate the opposition. Some people play that the Will also chooses the Shadow's target, but it is more common simply to have the Shadow skip using his ability on the Will's turn, since no destiny card is flipped.


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