Power to whine
Catches up when behind
Sniveler (FFG)
When not a main player and not invited to ally at all, you may complain to one main player. If that player still does not invite you, he or she may not invite any allies (previous allies return to their colonies).
If one or more other players win the game and you are within one colony of winning, the winners must either allow you to join their win or you may encounter one winning player of your choice who refuses. During the encounter, none of the previous winners may ally with you. If you win the encounter, you and all your allies win the game. If you don't, the previous win stands.

Sniveler is an alien that can whine about what he lacks in order to force other players to give him something he wants. He can whine if he has the fewest foreign colonies, the most ships in the warp, or if he lacks a certain encounter card.


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