Power of magic
Can switch played cards
Sorcerer (FFG)
When the Sorcerer is not a main player, before cards are selected during an encounter, you may force the main players to trade alien powers with each other. They keep their new powers after the encounter ends. After using this flare, give it to the Sorcerer. If the Sorcerer is not playing, discard this flare to use it.
You may use your power as an ally, switching the main players' encounter cards.

The Sorcerer is an alien with the power of Magic. The Sorcerer can switch his played encounter card with his opponent's played encounter card before they are revealed.

Text Edit

EditionPower TextHistory
FFGYou have the power of Magic. As a main player, after encounter cards are selected, but before they are revealed, you may use this power to switch encounter cards with your opponent so that he or she reveals your card and you reveal your opponent's card.Over eons the clan of Sorcerers studied the cosmic flow and learned to channel these tides to their own needs. Beginning with minor alterations in the probability patterns of matter, they progressed to transportation of objects over great distances. Undaunted by an occasional backlash of fate, they even now are humming the incantations of mastery.